The @ycdtdance SupaStarz under the direction of my god mom and dance teacher @supa_blackgirl will battle Lifetime’s very own Dancing Dolls. #nothingwrongwithfriendlycompetition #leaveitonthedancefloor so proud of my old lady. Thank you Mrs. Dianna for inviting us on the show, you are greatly appreciated ✌️ #BringIt

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bobby brown turnt to the max.

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Kd. ✌️

Thank you God for life, health, and strength. Thank you for watching over me last night and waking me up this morning in my right mind. Lord God I thank you for blessing me with an unbelievable talent, so that I may share it with the world. I pray you continue to guide my path and cover me with the blood of your son and I pray you allow me to decrease as you increase in me.

Amen 🙏

Happy Sunday ✌️ be blessed!

Be unafraid to fail! ✌️

time waits for no one.

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Choreo by @xliymxh
Be sure to come out to the last LAST senior show ever tomorrow night 730!

#dreamchaser ✌️

My best friend is beautiful and I miss her dearly!! #WCW

Super late but Happy Belated to my ratchet Mexican ballerina! Love this girl so much..she keeps me young with that sickled foot!

Thot.ful ✌️



Just signed with @blocnyc 😁😝 What a blessing!! This is gonna be great I can feel it! Shoutout to my new agent #EmilyWatson #blocnyc